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Our Workforce Training, Programs and Workshops are meant to get us ahead of the challenges and trends of an ever changing economic environment and into the innovator economy.

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Real Life Workforce Training.
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Our up-to-date curriculum comes from proven web and software industry professionals unlike anything you will find from a textbook. In just 6 weeks you will learn a new skill or programming language.

Each class lesson is on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12 Noon for just R3,499 per course.

Our Master Classes are priced so that anyone can attend and all can afford.

REQUIREMENTS: All students will need to bring their own laptop computer. Mac or PC with enough space to run and install software. Don't have a computer? Email us and we can help you with financing options.

Are You A Newbie To Coding?

We recommend taking the below courses in order. Each course is 12 weeks long and about 48 hours of instruction. Classes are available in-person George, Western Cape and online via Zoom

All sales are final. Refunds will only be given for life events and will be in the form of credit to use for a future class.


Coding MasterClass

This is a 12 week Master Class that will take you from a beginner to a professional developer. You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and in intro to JavaScript frameworks. This class is for those who want to learn to code and build websites and web applications.

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React (Advanced)

Learn how to easily build stateful component based UIs and applications using the Javascript React.js library. You will learn how to setup React, learn the fundaments such as components, props and state, techniques, pitfalls and strengths.


Next.js (Advanced)

Next.js is a React framework used in tens of thousands of production-facing websites and web applications, including many of the world's largest brands. Learn about page based routing, SSR and ISR pre-rendering, code splitting, and API routes,

STEM Education Programs


The CoderDojo

A Dojo is a free, volunteer-led, community-based computer club for young people. Anyone aged 7 to 17 can visit a Dojo and learn to code, build a website, or create an app or game. Dojos are a space for kids and teens to explore technology in an informal, creative, safe and social environment.

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Roblox Proggrams

Roblox® Game Engineering

Gamification is a powerful vehicle for learning. Our goal is to have introductory workshops on development and design using the popular Roblox® education platform amongst others. We will use our Gaming Center to teach students of all ages computer science, digital citizenship, entrepreneurship, competition and fair play.

White Paper: The Effect of Challenge-Based Gamification on Learning ›

LEGO® STEM Learning

The LEGO® Foundation released a report stating that STEM learning through play holistically enhances a learner's social, emotional, physical and creative skills. Through LEGO® STEM our goal is to eliminate the idea of "Hard" math and science through fun and curious play using LEGO® STEM Toys in Grade R-12 schools.

White Paper: LEGO® Education - The unrealized potential of learning through play at school ›

Community Workshops & Seminars

Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Technology

Agriculture 4.0 uses operational technology such as robots, Internet of Things (IoT) and GPS. This technology allows farms to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Through AgriTech we aim to innovate and assist in modernizing the Garden Route's farms, thereby broadening their supply chain and viability.

White Paper: The Game-Changing Technologies of Agriculture 4.0 ›
Agricultural Technology

Short-Term Rental & Tourism Technology

Disruptive Technologies such as Short Term Rentals and IoT has made touchless rentals and tourism more and more popular. Our Tourism Technology program aims to bring technological know how, techniques and ways to lessen the overhead burden to the small tourism business that make up one of the largest sectors in the Garden Route.

White Paper: The Global Short Term Rental Tech Report ›
Public Health

Public Health Technology

Our aim is to significantly incorporate modern technology into South Africa's health sector. We will produce tools, software and data analytics to improve and enhance awareness of access to public healthcare which will ultimately improve the health outcomes in the Garden Route community.

White Paper: Digital Health Ecosystem for African Countries ›