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Catalyzing innovation, entrepreneurship, and an inclusive workforce in the digital economy.

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GRIT Hub Innovative Ideas Competition

What is your BIG Innovative Idea?

Do you have a big idea that you believe can change the world? Enter the GRIT Hub Innovative Ideas Competition and stand a chance to win a cash prize of R10,000 and mentorship to bring your idea to life.

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grit internship

Garden Route Innovation & Technology Hub

Identifying untapped potential and refocusing it using the power of digital technology.

We provide workforce training, apprenticeships, tools, and mentorship opportunities to individuals, small businesses and startups in the Garden Route area...and all it takes is GRIT and determination.

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Modern, sleek and creative spaces fostering collaboration and productivity so that you can work without distraction. More ›

Workshops and Programs

Real Workforce Training

Programing and Industry workshops using the latest real-world knowledge from industry experts. More ›

Entrepreneurship Incubation

Entrepreneurship Incubation

Tailored workshops, networking, online learning and hands-on mentorship for accelerating business growth. More ›

We strive for wholistic change at every level of the economy.

Our core values of: Collaboration, Equality, Responsibility, Entrepreneurial Ethic, Innovation and a Giving Spirit not only bind us, but guide us.

grit internship
GRIT Hub Internships

Get hands on industry experience.

Push yourself and get involved in meaningful real enterprise projects at GRIT Hub. Apply for the GRIT Internship today.

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Up Coming Trainings, Courses & Programs

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Coding MasterClass

This is a 12 week Master Class that will take you from a beginner to a professional developer. You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and in intro to JavaScript frameworks. This class is for those who want to learn to code and build websites and web applications.

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The CoderDojo

A Dojo is a free, volunteer-led, community-based computer club for young people. Anyone aged 7 to 17 can visit a Dojo and learn to code, build a website, or create an app or game. Dojos are a space for kids and teens to explore technology in an informal, creative, safe and social environment.

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